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The Israel Oaks Association

The Israel Oaks Association was founded by   Ezra Barnea, Ardyn Halter, Prof. Nurit Lissovsky, Amir Trifman, Dr. Yair Lifshitz, Dr. Idan Kopler and Dr. Omri Boneh, seven people from different backgrounds and disciplines who share a passion for oak trees, the environment, and trees' connection to people: a professor of landscape architecture; an industrialist; an ecological researcher; a forestry expert experienced in national forestry programs; an expert in ergonometrics; an artist, and – our chairman – a man with 35 years’ experience of growing oak trees.

This is a project about people as much as it is about trees.

Trees connect people and countries.

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magnificent Mt. Tabor oak, Q. ithaburensis


Mission and Vision

  •  To bring broad public recognition of the historical importance of oaks in Israel’s natural ecology and to establish the oak as Israel’s national tree.
  •  To protect the existing oak forests and individual oak trees in Israel and to plan and plant oak forests, woods, copses and recreation areas in the Sharon and the Galilee and everywhere suited to the five different species of oak in Israel.
  • To ground the activities of The Israel Oaks Association through consciousness through education in the broad public, from nursery schools, schools, the civilian population, Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze, and to plant and protect oaks as an inter-generational activity. (education within families – continuity of values). To increase public awareness of the connection between people and their environment through activities connected to oak trees. trees whose life span can naturally cover between six and fifteen human generations.
  • To influence the landscape in the long-term. The oak has a potential longevity of hundreds of years, the equivalent of between six and fifteen human generations. The oak is a symbol of continuity between generations, continuity between people and the land where they live. Oak trees can form a binding link between Israel and the Diaspora and a tangible symbol of care for the continuity of the eco-environment of this land.
  • The Israel Oaks Association (IOA) is and will be apolitical. Trees know no borders and the stress is on ecology, the environment, conservation and forestry effected through public awareness and education. The IOA will pursue a non-political stance in all its activities. Only this way can it represent people from the entire political spectrum.
  • As a registered charity, The Israel Oaks Association will be the invigilating guarantor ensuring that funds donated for the planting, the preservation and conservation of oaks, for oak paths, for education, for benches, oak tourism, publications, will all be assigned only to the designated goals for which they have been donated.

Where have all the oaks gone ?

Israel Oaks Featured on Israeli TV




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